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Making Your Move Again

Dexterity for Neurorehabilitation

Mirror Hand applies sensing technology so that patients can guide the affected hand using their healthy hand to perform mirror therapy or bimanual rehabilitation; Mirror Hand allows patients to manipulate objects as small as a screw.



Exoskeletal Hand

It weighs less than 800 grams, reducing pressure while wearing it. The product looks smart and professional, with optimized metal structural design and the use of biocompatibility materials that fit the skin.

Control Box

Designed as compact and light-weight (less than 130 grams), enabling patients to no longer be restricted to rehabilitation centers.

DSC02827 拷貝.png
DSC02814 拷貝.png

Sensor Glove

The Sensor Glove is breathable and weighs only 110 grams, making it extremely easy to wear.


Accessories include power supply, clean pad, sensor glove cable and exoskeletal hand cable. 

Bridging Rehabilitation

to Daily Life

Mirror Hand combines passive continuous motion (CPM) and bilateral training mechanisms to assist the patient's finger joint rehabilitation, and the patient can autonomously switch into different rehabilitation modes when performing hand rehabilitation, including a mirror-guided mode and passive mode.

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